Brit-rock Men’s hairstyle : hair trend for 2011 / 2012

indie hair style 590x475 Brit rock Mens hairstyle : hair trend for 2011 / 2012

Brit-rock Men’s hairstyle : hair trend for 2011 / 2012

There is a male hairdresser not to leave the podium in awhile: hairstyle slightly uncharacterised, slightly reckless radical ahead for men. He was called many a thing, but with its connotations of Regency and the fact that continues to be favored and is interpreted by many as a British indie band, a hair doubled your hair Brit-rock.

It is also a hairdressing salon with duration appeal and as we speak on this subject since 2009, we must make it clear that it evolved. “wet look”, 2010, for example, it will look positively antiquated in 2012 for example.

Definition of hair of Brit rock

The image above it is likely that he gave a clear idea of what is Hat and Brit rock as you can about a thousand words, here some:

Hats Brit rock is a style of invaders swept hair for boys that gives them a margin. It must be with confidence and bitterness. British is not necessarily nor necessarily the area of rockers, but what is legal.?

Adapted for children to go straight to curly hair, hair rock Brit are all a matter of previous length. It is also textured. This structure may be a feature of his hair, or can come courtesy of hair introduced many razoring, cut and trim cut point.

Examples of hairdresser indie

This duplication of Rock “Brit” hats for 2011 and 2012 may seem with this weight unfairly as only using a certain kind of guy. And indeed it should not. There is no male strip of hair which will work for all, it is not a hair style that will only work for the British man. Or rockers. Not only is that groups of Great Britain and the British brand Burberry Prorsum could do more to publicize this margin of hair of another person; He has a great deal that led to the musicians of the equation that could almost call this loss of hair 2011 for Burberry in the spring of 2012.

The versions of the Burberry Brit rock has become popular then? The following:

burberry hair style 590x382 Brit rock Mens hairstyle : hair trend for 2011 / 2012

At the time around the world, which is a reasonable interpretation of indie's haircut.


mens curly hair style 590x398 Brit rock Mens hairstyle : hair trend for 2011 / 2012

The perfect interpretation of Indian headdress for men with curly hair, small parties avoid cutting hair look head.

gel hair style 590x464 Brit rock Mens hairstyle : hair trend for 2011 / 2012

This interpretation is short on the sides and clean glass. It is likely that this would not happen with scissors in a comb, but it is not uncommon that the use of hair clippers. The real key to this interpretation of the style is the length through the upper part is mixed to the shorter sides. In this style, the margin may be treated as a separate part: may be more to the left or cut differently, preferably decided to give more consistency and avoid being too heavy, and then sitting. Like the previous interpretation, this is another great hack if you have thick hair that is likely to sit down and make its wide head.

mop hair style 590x433 Brit rock Mens hairstyle : hair trend for 2011 / 2012

This raked Cap interpretation is one that could be considered a modern update on the Beatles. It has a strip of analysis with the length of the sides and works best for children with straight hair. This style can be fairly even cut or square cut on the sides to increase their sense of masculinity. Because it is for straight hair, whereas it is necessary to have random lengths to create textures and out of the weight is very powerful. Your hairdresser will be able to Division or depth to create irregular lengths.

If you’re looking for examples outside the gateway, we recommend any number of British band. In fact, if we look at the bands set out from the British Isles seems to some government edict was issued to dictate exactly what indie hats are allowed and which aren’t. According to the edict of the self same is imaginary people such as The Kooks, the horrors, Arctic Monkeys, The View and the horns. If you have: this requires the hairstyle for if you like or play in a group where he was the nickname of “the”.

Front of 2011 and 2012, saw the characteristics of the strip of Bottega Veneta, something that men on the podium with two examples of quittés do clear and only for this year and next. In the photo below to the left is doing, and is not the right. The left is one because defines the sides also against a wild deliberately higher. The right is a not the uncle too refined, too academic, also lacking in attitude. In summary: apart from nails to modern humans, it is preferable to avoid the sweep straight side bangs and make sure that it is fairly used with an abundance of textures.

bottega veneta mens hair 590x442 Brit rock Mens hairstyle : hair trend for 2011 / 2012

While the image above is one and one, only displays as you do for your hair, it is the evolution. Commit to memory: marginal men should not be used with a moist finish in 2011 and 2012. A healthy glow is perfect, not wet.

burberry mens hair 590x422 Brit rock Mens hairstyle : hair trend for 2011 / 2012

How to make their hats Brit rock.

If you are thinking of Brit rock, his hair is not as simple as the attackers also roots of his hair. It must be the right hair cut and the right products.

Hair cutting.

For most of its length and Cup hair style not will be mounted existing hair afterwards Brit rock – you can try, but to make it perfect, it will make a trip to an Institute of beauty and hairdressing salons. Here is how the hair is cut.

  • I understand what you want

As you can see in the picture above, there is more than one way of interpreting the hair forward sweep to this man. Lisa, ordered short, disorder, robust, relaxed. We could go. But with so many options, verify that you have a clear idea of this particular interpretation of the hair (or a small selection of styles that you want to). The two things that should be considered in advance is the length of the Strip that you want, and if you want an interpretation of the hair. The descriptions that accompany each image above must also give a clear idea of all the attributes that can be.


Once you know what you want, make sure you can talk to your hairdresser. And make sure that you are attending. For them, can explain what he likes in the hair of Brit rock, what you dislike and what you ambivalent on the subject. In this way it allowed to adapt an interpretation of combines with his particular form of face and lifestyle. You can also create a single interpretation that you are happy with.

Don’t be afraid to write images to this ‘hair’ and take it with you. If you can print, place them on your Smartphone. Most men is explained well by visiting the peluquería-si you’re one of them, allows an image about you.

  • Be informed

Once you end your hair cut and sprinkled special attention to the way in which he took the title. If you are not sure of the steps of style, do ask that she wished to know, as soon as you exit the Hall can recreate the look. Want to make sure things is the right to use product, how to dry hair after it was washed and the way moved you the hands through positioning of the product.

A good stylist to explain all this automatically, but if they are perfectly entitled to ask: worth a look as well, since left the show.

This style: products for the hair for its use.

Perhaps you had hair cut with edges or this man were not happy with product suggestions. If this is the case, here are some of the products used to change the style of Brit rock.

  • For texture without a shine

If after a dry eye shot with great texture and then use a spray of salt marina as basic, this product gives your hair, dry texture and also support keeps his hair and movement. The name gives you even more, but hair will feel quite similar to the way in which you could after bathing on the beach.

To get more of the same: wash your hair, spray with sea salt, and then dry the hair with a hair dryer – make sure that they have formed the desired hair hairstyle is dry with a hair dryer (i.e. hair must be driven).

He finished with a clay hair product to define the style. Rubbing the clay hands to melt and malleable, then rub two hands through his hair from left to right, by the Crown and are working on the peripheries. This move will ensure that every part of your product’s hair in it. Once you have worked through the hair style in the final form that you want to create, organize the Strip (which is in the center of the protector) as you wish. If you want to increase the amount of separation and texture, use the tip of the fingers.

Product suggestions: Sebastian M, artisan saline clay label.

  • For texture with a shine

Remember that it is a Flash and not a wet look.

Wash your hair, and then the dry towel. If you have thin hair and need a volume, working through a thickening of the cream and make-up. Dry and form the hair with a hair dryer.

He finished with a cream style problems and define the style. If after a shining low, will have a cream style. If later a mixture of more shine a touch of style with the cream of the leveling of palm oil and mix. Rub the cream style (effectively a modern gel, under brightness) all hands and then rub both hands through his hair from left to right, by the Crown and are working on the peripheries. Once you have worked through the hair style in the final form that you want to create, organize the Strip (which is in the center of the protector) as you wish. If you want to increase the amount of separation and texture, use fingers

Product suggestions: farm American cream style a previous hole strong crew or cream for an average charge on the formation of the American crew.

The key to all products, is that you are looking for will focus on the texture of your hair. In some of the examples above, we realized that two products: it’s a product gives you the desired reservation, while the other goes to the finish.