Spring 2012 Japan colour trends

Spring 2012 Japan colour trends This happens every year: we received a comment or an email indicating how our summary of the trends of the season, a color includes “all colors”. It would be necessary criticism includes each of the 10 million colors that human can see; but it is what we do, however, is […]

Burnt colours: statement hues for now

Hanneli Mustaparta burnt orange

Burnt colours: statement hues for now The colors are for the moment and the colors for the next season. And since then, only in each label and resellers offer something a tone burnt color that lies somewhere between red and yellow. This means that it is a trend of Orange burned, including an acne of […]

Spring / summer 2012 color trends

Spring And Summer 2012 Color Trends

So although the decline has left the track, already investigated to obtain an overview in accordance with the following three seasons. Yes, talking about the founders of the collections for every season: colors and tones that underlie them, shape and eventually the set. And although still lead you, spring and autumn/fall 2011 fashion trends, this […]

Spring / Summer 2011 color trends

Spring 2011 Color Trends

Cloth/fabric color trends for spring 2011 Your opinion about the colors of spring 2011, manufacturers of fabric Lenzing clothing trends believe that we can rid of dark colors not only the fall of the trends of 2010, but perhaps also that mentality has disappeared with the financially difficult recent period. To see colour was spring […]

Fall 2011 clothing color trends

Nu Vogue Color Trends

Fall 2011 clothing color trends These special fall (autumn) and color trends winter come 2011 design options, a trend for the company in Southern California. How are heavily influenced by this part of the world and is to close the season fashionising.com can provide a comprehensive look at combinations of colors of the year.? Options […]