Fall 2011 clothing color trends

Fall 2011 clothing color trends
These special fall (autumn) and color trends winter come 2011 design options, a trend for the company in Southern California. How are heavily influenced by this part of the world and is to close the season fashionising.com can provide a comprehensive look at combinations of colors of the year.?
Options of visualization, autumn/winter of 2011 will have six different color trends: structure
NU Vogue
Chic and dominant leader. Shades of bronze art style never flirt with confidence in bold. Son Olivier had mixed with shades of pale goldenrod fabrics give an attractive call.
Nu Vogue 590x708 Fall 2011 clothing color trends
Urban Romance
A tale of the Metropolitan Opera. Blue and silver shades of grey and cosmopolitan cultural diversity give charm and balance the suture with textures. Memories of nostalgia for the city.
Urban Romance Color Trends 590x708 Fall 2011 clothing color trends
Edge of Night
Apart from the limits of the darkness. Shades of mysterious forest green and plum stretch sequined edges of Gash gauze. Deep Purple shades of exuberance playing a call to manipulate, silk thread. Definitions of money give reasons added lush wit.
Edge of Night Color Trends 590x708 Fall 2011 clothing color trends
Fill Seeker
The continuation of the extravagant decoration. Bright shades of pink are skillfully interwoven bastiste and silhouettes of silk. The burnt Orange coloring superfluous fusion methodically a conducted raschel.
Fill Seeker Color Trends 590x708 Fall 2011 clothing color trends
Spellbound and romantically sensual. Shades of yellow hued longing rhythmically merged with blue bold sienna black and excesses. Copper staining of rhythmic resonate with great lucidity in soft blue velvet.
Moonstruck Color Trends 590x708 Fall 2011 clothing color trends

Fall 2011 textile color trends

Not only is complete garment that affect the colour combinations in a year, but also the threads of the same, as does each piece. These trends in textiles originating Spin Expo, a trade fair for children, clothing item and woven fibres, held in New York and Shanghai. They have chosen and described textile autumn trends autumn theme news of 2011, and you can find these topics below with the Pantone color for each.

Time to play
A palette of green winter energizing claire laundered, sprinkled with brights and a modern deep purple.
The exploration of “auto” for activity and play. Take time to have fun, test, and be mutable.
The sport has been reinvented with a new color makes sense to combine smoothly with day-to-day life.
Looking for the generation of culture techno age get bored easily and need constant stimulation.
  • Natural and synthetic of equal importance
  • Drape, fluidity and movement
  • Compact, dense and peached
  • Polished sheen achieved by fibre choice or mercerising
  • Yarns and fabrics that can perform and energise
  • Technical finishes and new innovations
  • Stretch and movement
  • Graphic plays of colour and pattern
  • Fresh stripes
  • Simple micro textures
  • Iridescent glow and rich lustre

The colours for this theme:

Play Color Fall 2011 590x407 Fall 2011 clothing color trends

Time to escape
The color of the layer of dust by moles rosate, copper and sweet, warm Browns, enriched with intense color grey blue and pink.
A sense of security is covered with discrete luxury, strengthened by fine in search of a new level of perfection.
Size of raw, which evokes a charming natural, rustic but delicate femininity, but precious wild.
A time to feel in our space, the time of relaxation, making time to improve, strengthen and rejuvenate.
  • owdery finishes
  • Soft shimmer and lustre
  • Diffused surfaces through hair and brushing
  • Feathery, twisted and ruffled
  • Smooth luxurious shine
  • Burnished metallics
  • Warm soft textures
  • Broken surfaces with a natural patina
  • Delicate sheer textures and transparent looks
  • Layering from fine to very chunky
  • Extreme exaggerated stitches
  • Blurred and subtlety broken plays on colour

The colours for this theme:

Autumn 2011 Color Escape 590x407 Fall 2011 clothing color trends

Time to explore
Rich, saturated levels of color in warm shades of gold red oxides, strong orange and bronze medals conflict dynamics of blue-green and Rose, all combined to give a pictorial dimension, snappy.
Time to explore our creativity and explore new ideas, looking for art such as painting, printing and master activities, but reinvent its futuristic way.
Express our individuality to make good use of our hands and embellish the building and the creation of the new look in a modern way.
Find the time to create our identity through the freedom of spirit.
  • Appearances are deceptive with handmade or rough looks, but with a soft to the touch feel
  • Lots of surface interest
  • Novelty textures and novelty fibre blends
  • Volume and rounded looks
  • Hairy and raised surfaces
  • Rich vibrant gold and metallics
  • Velvety looks and touch
  • Multi colour effects in neps and marls
  • Printing and hand painting
  • Chunky but weightless
  • Irregular textures
  • Boiled and compact
  • Rich bold use of pattern and colour

The colours for this theme:
Textile Color Fall 2011 590x407 Fall 2011 clothing color trends

Time to shine
Deep and intense Blues mysteriously color black, grey and shades through futuristic touches of dark to light. Sparkling highlights still polished gold and silver decorative repair offer.
A time to visit at a time where things were special, expensive and sophisticated, again rebuilt to make it relevant to modern life.
Combine a decorative heritage of the past with a futuristic vision streamlined, reinforced technology.
A time to find the exquisite beauty and perfection looking modern jewellery and decorative forms. Creation of drama and intrigue, desire and satisfaction. Restore our State to deal with the modern world.
  • Fine, threadlike counts, highly twisted
  • Polished surfaces from bright shine to subtle sheens
  • Sparkle of all kinds
  • Burnished and aged metallics
  • Fur and plush looks
  • Feathery effects
  • Rich velvety finishes
  • Lace and ruffles
  • Aged appearances
  • Silky drape and fluid looks
  • Subtle crinkle surfaces and delicate textures
  • Extreme softness and lustre
  • Exquisite embellishment and jewels used with finesse

The colours for this theme:
Autumn 2011 Color Dark 590x407 Fall 2011 clothing color trends