Saskia Diez: the discreet elegance of jewellery

Saskia Diez 1 590x398 Saskia Diez: the discreet elegance of jewellery

Saskia Diez: the discreet elegance of jewellery

Jewelry is commonly associated with complex craft of luxury, such as gold or silver materials. Saskia ten pieces differs, influenced by the art, fashion and industrial design.

It is a long road that leads to Munich Saskia to become what she and his works are today. Shortly after finishing a classical apprenticeship as a goldsmith, felt that the traditional world of jewelry limited his ideas. After studying industrial design and working on the design of several studies (including the manufacturer of porcelain known Rosenthal), Saskia returned to the jewelry with a rich experience.

Currently, industrial design inspires the designer and is a major influence on the production of their clean and simple jewelry pieces. Play with cultural references, Saskia combines traditional and modern styles that reflects the spirit of the time without focusing on the trend. Do your standard questions jewelry collection, asking for “a ring must be strong and closed”? Can a decorative and functional buckle? ยป

Saskia finds inspiration everywhere: a fleeting look that has persisted, with superb someone movements and gestures, forms and materials of any clothing or mood of a movie. She carefully appropriate materials for use in their search creations, if of wood, glass, precious stones and gold.

“My jewels are there to beautify,” says the designer. But there is never only jewels, but interaction with different parts of the body, from worn parts.

Draw technical series of nodes, as children motivated browser-based jewelry using logs colorful designer series wood (a fact at a time when the designer wants to design something simple and cheerful). Mainstreaming, necklaces and bracelets of bright, Saskia created a collection that can be combined in different ways (which are also very good with the price). Nice series includes some extremely delicate pieces, necklaces, bracelets and rings that is virtually invisible in that adorn the skin of the wearer with gloss in good light. Saskia ten jewelry have discretely as a gesture, display of elegance and refinement remained soft, feminine and sexy.

Designer belongs to the new generation of technology and new media on a daily basis. He believes that part of his life: “was surprising, because the speed with which I have received international recognition and they could sell to Tokyo and New York, that is, without doubt, not have been possible without the technology”.These platforms even me expand and build on my network, “says Saskia.”

However, personal contact is always an important aspect of its activity: “people places great emphasis on meeting in person, which is what I do”. New media bring benefits, but also the pressure and the most important thing is to be taken, but rather allow his pace set way of working, does not “reflect the designer.” “With all the information in all places, is extremely important to maintain the quality and authenticity. ‘”

Saskia Diez was awarded the young Designer design accessory AW 2009 / 2010 and the German Award for his series of bags in 2010.

Saskia ten jewelry are sold in shops in Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and New York selection and also sells online.