Spring / Summer 2011 color trends

Spring 2011 Color Trends 590x354 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends

Cloth/fabric color trends for spring 2011
Your opinion about the colors of spring 2011, manufacturers of fabric Lenzing clothing trends believe that we can rid of dark colors not only the fall of the trends of 2010, but perhaps also that mentality has disappeared with the financially difficult recent period. To see colour was spring 2011 as those who are “uplifting” and “smooth, energize and excite.”.
For the spring/summer 2011 color five key trends presented.
Spring personified in a palette, the colors that make up this spring of color trend 2011 are mainly the name flowers: geranium, poppy, IRIS and narcissus. Not in vain, this combination of colors to your imagination, must be worked in your wardrobe for spring 2011 in its floral.
Celebration Colours Spring 2011 590x177 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends
I confess to not wanting to this palette of colours in the clashes turquoise leastl with Brown and yellow green eye did there I left perplexed. The color is a tendency for those who are strong and proud.
Colours Abstract Spring 2011 590x177 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends
New classic
According to Lenzing unexpected twists and new classical elements and naturally bright pigments, will grow in new classics. “Traditional materials, tissues are the same, but all the elements are a little twisted: child unusual accounts and spinning fiber weave patterns in atypical conventional materials were faced with a project of curious, embroidery, where he expects nothing from it, just enough to make a surprise.”
Spring 2011 Classics Colours 590x177 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends
Serve as our trend “aqueous” 2011 spring/favorite color is also the most dangerous. A theme of light colours for the nautical spring of 2011 that its tone, this test is also likely that you see lazily interpreted and applied, a danger to the designers and apply labels looking for seasonal colors to their bases. To avoid this incorrect implementation, Lenzing believe to be used with “floating” where the tissue is the focal point; an interpretation of the pure clothing trend seems to be a strong candidate, if you want to work with the color of the item through your wardrobe.
Spring 2011 Nautical Colours 590x177 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends

Subtle colors, bar the trend of black is a color only glare. In fact, luxurious menat and radiant color that corresponds to the so radiant in summer.
Spring 2011 Perleage Colours 590x177 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends
Lingerie/swimwear 2011 spring color trends.
With his decision because we are in the spring of 2011, he also released his interpretation of trends in colours Interfiliere. Your choice to the colors you need to be collected by bathroom and linen suits are an eclectic range of tones and better adapted to the swimsuit competition to the toilet.
Spring 2011 Lingerie Colors 590x571 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends
Leather color trends for spring 2010
The skin in Paris is the alternative of the event in function, quite different from the Interfiliere of focuses on trends in the skin and hair. His choice was to the trends of spring 2011 color are divided into five different reasons:
Archaic garden
“The range is ground, stones, minerals, or delicately fruity.” The softness of disappeared, evanescent light and serious. “
Spring 2011 Archaic Garden 590x177 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends

Underwater variation
“The range looks blue and extends to an aqua green.” Pink sea anemone is reinforced by the blues and violets stained. Picture of Brown Cloud and Marina. White cool soap bubbles-saturated atmosphere.
Spring 2011 Underwater Variation Color 590x177 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends
Tropical drama
“The range is solar, bright, hot and sensual.”. Music yellow at the top of his voice, Parrot green dĂ©sinhibĂ©, Tibetan monks, Orange Communist vary from salmon pink and purple. Thick deep blue Brown.
Spring 2011 Tropical Color Trends 590x176 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends
Happy picnic
“The range provides edge teeth”. Neon colors are bleached. Frozen Roses is transparent, the cake is brighter. The brights are on fire, mitigated by a beige grey reasonable and measured.
Spring 2011 Picnic Colours Trends 590x177 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends
Dark earth
“The range is coloreables vegetable colors.” Surrounded by a Red helmet, Navy ship cabana, dark; strong green screen. “Bleached or lightened colour with the molten-salt of the Sun and sea”.
Spring 2011 beach Colours Trends 590x177 Spring / Summer 2011 color trends